“Why did God put me here?” It’s an easy question to ask and, at times, a very difficult question to answer. As you seek to answer that question, you should begin by remembering this: You are here because God put you here, and He has important work for you to do. But God’s purposes will not always be clear to you. Sometimes you may wander aimlessly in a wilderness of your own making. And sometimes, you may struggle mightily against God in a vain effort to find success and happiness through your own means, not His.

Whenever we struggle against God’s plans, we suffer. When we resist God’s calling, our efforts bear little fruit. Our best strategy, therefore, is to seek God’s wisdom and to follow Him wherever He chooses to lead. When we do so, we are blessed.

When we align ourselves with God’s purposes, we avail ourselves of His power and His peace. But how can we know precisely what God’s intentions are? The answer, of course, is that even the most well-intentioned believers face periods of uncertainty and doubt about the direction of their lives. So, too, will you.

When you arrive at one of life’s inevitable crossroads, that is precisely the moment when you should turn your thoughts and prayers toward God. When you do, He will make Himself known to you in a time and manner of His choosing.

Are you earnestly seeking to discern God’s purpose for your life? If so, remember these three points:

  1. God has a plan for your life: If you believe that your life has no meaning, you are very wrong. God isn’t finished with you yet, and He still has meaningful work for you to do. (Jeremiah 29:11)
  2. If you seek God’s plan sincerely and prayerfully, you will find it: God’s plan for you may not be obvious, but neither is it incomprehensible. With prayer and patience, you can determine, with a surprising degree of clarity, the path that God intends for you to take. (Psalm 16:11)
  3. When you discover God’s purpose for your life, you will experience abundance, peace, joy, and power—God’s power. And that’s the only kind of power that really matters. (John 10:10; Psalm 84:5)

From God’s Survival Guide for Women Copyright ©2005 Elm Hill Books, an imprint of J. Countryman®, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.