Truly, it seems that nothing can stop Thelma Wells. She spent part of her childhood locked in a closet,  had doors slammed in her face due to the color of her skin, and was later sidelined by an illness that almost took her life. But that didn’t stop her from graduating from college, rising through the ranks in business, and inspiring millions with the lessons God taught her along the way.

In 1964, Thelma was the first black person hired in the John Deere Company in Dallas, Texas in a “status” position—only to be demoted to the mail room on her first day. Isn’t it just like God to use a woman who has been through so much to teach us to “be anxious about NO-thing”? When you hear Thelma’s contagious laugh you know she has learned how to trust God—and if she can do it, so can we.

She loves bumblebees and is always adorned with at least one, usually in the form of a sparkly pin. (Like many of us, Thelma appreciates good bling.) Why bumblebees? Scientifically speaking, it’s not possible for bumblebees to fly. But since nobody told the bees, they fly anyway! Thelma tells us “My prayer for you and my motto are the same:  ‘In Christ, you can BEE your best!’”

Prayer is a topic close to Thelma’s heart.  She tells us, “Prayer is the key that unlocks the door to God’s heart. Saying The Lord’s Prayer with meaning is one of the most powerful prayers you can pray.” And for those times when you don’t know what to pray? “You can say, ‘Jesus!’” she says. “Not profanity, but in reverence to Him.”

Something else “Mama T” holds dear is family: she and her husband have three children, nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. You may have seen her two daughters in years past; they traveled with Women of Faith for several tours, interpreting songs through dance. More recently, granddaughter Marseille blessed audiences on the Loved tour with her rendition of “Jesus Loves Me.”

“Now I’m not comparing myself with God,” Thelma shared after a visit from her little ones, “but I thought about Him when I was doing the grandmother thing. I thought about how He has prepared our daily bread and spread a table before us. What blessings He bestows! I thought about how He quenches our thirst every day and gives us living water that cannot be found in a store or from a well. The bread and water are not from a bargain store but from the riches of His storehouse of love.”

Thelma spreads a pretty fabulous table herself. Word has it her “special” iced tea is out of this world but don’t even think of trying to worm the recipe out of her. Not. Gonna. Happen. “It’s a secret,” she says firmly. Fortunately for us, Thelma is more forthcoming with stories from her fascinating life, reminders to stay focused on God even in the midst of trials, and constant encouragement to always BEE our best.

Coming Up – Thelma joins Women of Faith for the Generations Retreat!

Experience what you love about Women of Faith! Storytelling, laughter, wisdom, worship, plus Thelma is our special guest and will be spending intentional time with every attendee at the retreat.

At Generations, you will feel a renewal, a better understanding of the impact of your legacy, enriched friendships and a deeper relationship with Jesus! Who are you? Why are you here? Your story is sacred, relevant and leaving a ripple effect, reaching and impacting generations outside of yourself.

Thelma’s message at the retreat will celebrate you and your successes as well as inspire love, respect and peace in your hearts for all generations.  She’ll be teaching from her book, Bumblebees Fly Anyway – Defying the Odds at Work and at Home.

For more information on the Generations Retreat, click here.

Thelma Wells (Known as “Mama T”) has been inspiring people to “B-E-E the Best” for more than 45 years.  Her powerful testimonies can be found on her website as are her online courses and booking information.  Yes, she still travels and speaks to women’s groups large and small. Her ministry partner and daughter, Vikki Wells, is producing for her new and inspiring TV projects to continue her legacy of hope, love and destiny in Jesus Christ. And mark your calendars for SPAIN in 2019 as Mama T celebrates her 77th Birthday with a 9 days and 7 night tour of Spain called, “I’ll Rise Up” Birthday Celebration Tour.