Short Drive, Deep Thoughts

What could be better than driving around with Marilyn Meberg while she shares deep thoughts? Join her for a little video spin

Short Drive, Deep Thoughts 2016-01-22T08:30:59+00:00

With God

  Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes WITH you;

With God 2016-01-13T16:00:14+00:00

God is For You

Someone asked Sheila “how does it change your life to know God loves you?” We joined her for a short drive to

God is For You 2016-01-08T08:30:23+00:00

Love Note by Patsy Clairmont

Do you wake up happy and full of joy? Neither does Patsy. And yet she has found a way to rejoice in

Love Note by Patsy Clairmont 2015-09-11T11:45:23+00:00

How to S.O.A.P.

WE’RE PROUD OF YOU. We really are . . . we want you to know that. We’re proud of you for making

How to S.O.A.P. 2015-09-02T10:20:29+00:00

God is for You

We may not know what tomorrow holds. But despite it all, we know that God works all things for good. Despite all odds, we know that God is for us.

God is for You 2017-08-16T16:51:11+00:00