Partnering with God

The love of God is the key to trusting Him enough to let Him “do it.” Do what? Absolutely everything! I’m in

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Short Drive, Deep Thoughts

What could be better than driving around with Marilyn Meberg while she shares deep thoughts? Join her for a little video spin

Short Drive, Deep Thoughts 2016-01-22T08:30:59+00:00

With God

  Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes WITH you;

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God is For You

Someone asked Sheila “how does it change your life to know God loves you?” We joined her for a short drive to

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Love Note by Patsy Clairmont

Do you wake up happy and full of joy? Neither does Patsy. And yet she has found a way to rejoice in

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How to S.O.A.P.

WE’RE PROUD OF YOU. We really are . . . we want you to know that. We’re proud of you for making

How to S.O.A.P. 2015-09-02T10:20:29+00:00