Making the Most of Your Resources

Welcome to the New Year! With holiday festivities (and excesses) in the rearview mirror, let’s take a moment to consider how we’re

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How to S.O.A.P.

WE’RE PROUD OF YOU. We really are . . . we want you to know that. We’re proud of you for making

How to S.O.A.P. 2015-09-02T10:20:29+00:00

God is for You

We may not know what tomorrow holds. But despite it all, we know that God works all things for good. Despite all odds, we know that God is for us.

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Studying the Bible

All of Scripture is God-breathed; in its inspired voice, we hear useful teaching, rebuke, correction, instruction, and training for a life that

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Leaning Into the God Who Loves You

  A series of Bible study videos by  Lisa Harper, originally created for those who put their faith in Jesus for the

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Short-Term Goals for Bible Study

In my years in women's ministry, I have met with thousands of devoted followers among the women of the Christian faith.  Many

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How to Use the Bible

Suggestions from our friend Max Lucado How do we use the Bible? The clearest answer is found in the words of Jesus.

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Fully Alive Action Kit

If you look carefully, you will find people all around you who show few signs of life. Of course, they haven’t flatlined

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Made to Crave

Satisfy your deepest desires with God, not food. Just because a woman finally fits into her skinny jeans doesn't mean she's

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