Revival. It’s such a big, powerful word. It represents restoration, strength, and awakening. When our faith is revived, it becomes deeper than ever.

Revival is the sovereign work of Almighty God.

In Isaiah 64, God’s people had been carried into captivity, His work was in disrepair, and His people were dispirited, much like believers today.  Many Christians are discouraged. Many have no hope for revival. They don’t even believe that revival is possible!

Revival is possible, it is inevitable when God’s people become right with God.

When our hearts are filled with the gospel’s Truth, we have the strength to face whatever comes our way. We are able to minister to our family and friends. We are able to counsel those in need. We find that our existence in Christ is so much more than just surviving each day.

Yet so often many of us feel too overwhelmed to make time for prayer or Bible study. We’re in the thick of day-to-day life—focused on putting one foot in front of the other—and we think we simply don’t have time.  When you’re busy, you don’t have time to flip through lots of commentaries; you need study tools that meet you where you are.

Start small and start slow.  Start with prayer and ask for what God is wanting you to read and learn.  The key here, you have to start.  Asking God for guidance is a great place to start.What if there were a few simple keys to help unlock meaningful Bible study?  Start with a devotional or or reading a chapter out of the Bible.

Revival starts with prayer.  Prayer of many. Revival is meeting with Almighty God. Most of us seek God to do something for our self, our church, our family, our nation.  And we’re seeking God’s hand and not His face. Our heart needs to yearn for God.  We should be saying, “O God, will You come down?” 

God loves to come down. He came down when the Lord Jesus stepped out of heaven to save us. At Pentecost the Holy Spirit came down and baptized the infant church with wonderful power. And Jesus is coming down again at His second coming. If you study the record of the church in modern history, you will find from time to time in place to place, God has come down.

So today start with prayer and ask for guidance and direction.  Revival is coming and it starts with prayer.   Be blessed today!