Our soul waits for the Lord; He is our help and our shield. —Psalm 33:20 NASB

Living life on the edge means we’re constantly at the point where something may begin, or not begin, depending on our choices. We’re looking around for cliff edges that hover over good futures, praying that God will guide us in choosing the right edges to step off of. But sometimes we misunderstand, or we go charging ahead without seeking God’s guidance. The awful truth is, we make mistakes. Sometimes terrible mistakes. After we’ve endured the consequences of poor choices and hard falls, we might be tempted to move back from that cliff edge, huddle in the darkness under the pier, and resume the pity party.

God wants us out there on the edge, constantly watching for new opportunities to connect with him more intimately, trust him more completely again. We need to live life with keen awareness of the opportunities around us, the other edges that might appear that have the potential to bring us closer to the divine. Watching with a mind-set that expects wonderful possibilities to appear in our lives at any moment gives us a whole new perspective on life.

Living on the edge isn’t always the most comfortable existence, but it’s a place where we tend to do more looking around for help—which, for Christians, means looking for God. When we’re teetering over a precipice or plummeting into the unknown, we want to know he’s right there with us. That’s why the edge can be a good place to be.

Lord, thank you for being with me even when I’m living life on the edge. Thank you that I can always turn to you during those tough times. Amen.

From Daily Gifts of Hope ©2013 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.. Used by permission. All rights reserved.