Alita Reynolds here with Women of Faith.  

Let’s talk about ALOUD – The Living Word Alive.

We started ALOUD to help YOU deepen your relationship with Jesus.

Here is how it works.

1 Chapter – 1 Reflection Question – 1 Friend

1 Chapter

We make a video weekday mornings, 5:30 am CST, it is posted on our Facebook page.

It is ready and waiting for you right when you wake up.  You could even select on Facebook for the Women of Faith page as your “see First” on your Facebook if you want to see the video first thing when you wake up in the morning.

Here is what we do, we read one chapter every week day morning so that you are able to be in the scripture, be in the Word. Scripture was originally read together out loud.  There is power in that. We were meant to listen to the Word.  We know sometimes a day gets away without being in the Word.  This is your opportunity to hear the Word.

Then – 1 Reflection Question

We discuss the reflection question in the video. We encourage each and every one of you to reflect on the question.

The third part  – 1 Friend.  

Invite one friend to join you in ALOUD, watching the video, thinking about the reflection question, engage with each other and build community while deepening your relationship with Jesus by sharing your thoughts on the question with one friend. We know from experience it will strengthen your walk with Christ and with your friend.

We here at Women of Faith pray that ALOUD, The Living Word Alive, encourages and equips you to experience a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Join us for ALOUD – The Living Word Alive