Tragically Beautiful – Part Two

Last week I wrote about my recent mission trip to Vietnam. It was a rare opportunity to step outside my normal view

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The Creative Power of Prayer

Prayer-An Opportunity to Co-Create with God You know how they say that in our conversations with others we are either building up

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Tragically Beautiful – Part One

First of all, thank you to everyone who prayed for me while I was in Vietnam. I felt your prayers, and God

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Beauty In The Mess

My friend Laura Frankl Pedersen and I were in Jefferson, Iowa, Friday and Saturday doing our Choose Conference at a local church.

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A Different View

As I write this, I am on tour in California with my friend and co-writer, Rachel Barrentine. We are in the San

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Out of Darkness

By Lisa Toney, Champion of Hope It was high noon. Stomachs were growling. Servants scurried about fetching water, wine, and food. They piled

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Unstoppable Thelma Wells

Truly, it seems that nothing can stop Thelma Wells. She spent part of her childhood locked in a closet,  had doors slammed

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BEE a Mentor

Yes, the "Bee" is spelled correctly.  I chuckle when I get emails correcting me.  But, those who know me know that my

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