Yes, the “Bee” is spelled correctly.  I chuckle when I get emails correcting me.  But, those who know me know that my motto is, “In Christ, You Can ‘BEE’ The Best!”  I love using the bumblebee as my symbol of achievement because of how God made it — swallow wings and big body.  Yet, it defies the odds and flies anyway.

Well, I’d like to tell you a little about my new online course designed to enable you to fly anyway under any and every condition.  Then you can help others to defy odds, too.

It’s a blessing and a pleasure to present to you BEE A MENTOR.

This five hour mentoring course is made up of the following modules:

  1. Be Aware of Who You Are
  2. Eliminate the Affects of Negativity
  3. Work for Eternal Value
  4. How Do You Spell Success?
  5. You’re the Mentor!

You will first be reflective about your own personal choices, decisions and expectations as we go through the modules 1-4. Then, we will discuss one on one how you, too, can be a mentor.

You will benefit from my 40 years of mentoring, listening, learning and guiding others to be their very best.

You will hear me talking very frankly and personally to a group of young ladies I mentored.  This will be your guide.

After you complete the course, I will personally talk with you about your vision, mission and passion and how to accomplish it. You’ll be able to share your fears, frustrations and excitement with me or just ask for direction and prayers.

I am thrilled to talk with each of you to help you “BEE the Best!”


Mama T (Thelma)

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Thelma Wells (Known as “Mama T”) has been inspiring people to “B-E-E the Best” for more than 45 years.  Her powerful testimonies can be found on her website as are her online courses and booking information.  Yes, she still travels and speaks to women’s groups large and small. Her ministry partner and daughter, Vikki Wells, is producing for her new and inspiring TV projects to continue her legacy of hope, love and destiny in Jesus Christ. And mark your calendars for SPAIN in 2019 as Mama T celebrates her 77th Birthday with a 9 days and 7 night tour of Spain called, “I’ll Rise Up” Birthday Celebration Tour.